"Donnons aux Hommes les moyens
de bâtir l'avenir"

BERNABE Congo was founded in 2011 resulting of the 100% acquisition of Alucan (an aluminium processing factory) by the YESHIGROUP.
Our speciality is retail and distribution of hardware, steel, industrial material. Bernabé products and services support industrial, mining, farming and construction sectors. We satisfy and qualify industrial and construction professionals. Our competitive advantage is supply of high end products.
The company has had an excellent growth rate and continues its expansion to meet the needs of the Congo market. We offer improved and up to date products via an outlet in Pointe Noire.
Bernabe Congo has over 100 employees, and is extremely proud of the experience and specialization of our team which is our value added proposition to our clients. We are proud of internal human resource competence.
République du Congo
Pointe-Noire - B.P. 1105
Tél : (242) 22 294 04 12
Fax : (242) 22 294 20 10
E-mail : commercial.cng@bernabeafrique.com
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The images of the represented models are a general overview of the range marketed in every country by the company. Contact Bernabé for more information.
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